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How to Achieve Sustainable Business Growth with Remote-First Work Culture
June 12, 2024
Have you wondered if you could build a sustainable business success with steadily growing profitability based on timeless principles? Is it possible to grow a scalable business with a highly skilled workforce that is entirely remote from the get-go? In this episode of The Business Philosopher Within You podcast, host Bhavesh Naik sits down with Neeraj Singh, founder and CEO of BigBinary, a thriving software development agency with a 100% remote workforce of 125+ employees. Neeraj shares his inspiring journey of starting BigBinary after experiencing the efficiency of remote work in the Ruby on Rails community. Discover how BigBinary has become a sought-after development partner for small businesses and startups by focusing on quality, communication, and building a strong company culture. This episode covers: - The benefits of specializing in a niche technology like Ruby on Rails. - Attracting and retaining skilled engineers in a remote-first environment. - Creating the culture of engineer empowerment that trains them to be project leaders and entrepreneurs. - Building a sustainable business without relying on venture capital. - The importance of human connection in a technology-driven world. Tune in to learn how BigBinary is building a different kind of software company, one that values its employees, its clients, and its core principles.
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Bhavesh Naik
Host: The Business Philosopher Within You Podcast