The Business Philosopher Within You
The Empathy Connection: Harnessing Self-Exploration and Creative Storytelling for Exceptional Leadership
July 10, 2024
People in leadership position often struggle with developing a presence that derives its power from deep understanding of others' human condition. Often, the best way to understand others is to understand the core of our own humanness. One way to develop such understanding of ourselves is by writing a biographical account, either a fiction or non-fiction. In this episode, Bhavesh Naik, the host of The Business Philosopher Within You podcast, interviews Tope Folarin who has written such a fiction. Folarin's book, A Particular Kind of Black Man, started out as a biography but gradually transformed into a fiction. Join them as they discuss: * Tope’s journey as a writer and the unexpected turns it took * The challenges and rewards of exploring identity through fiction * The importance of embracing “flow state” to unlock your authentic creative voice * How understanding your own story makes you a more empathetic leader Whether you're a writer, a business leader, or simply someone looking to tap into your inner business philosopher, this episode offers valuable insights into tapping the power of storytelling, self-discovery, and the importance of embracing your full humanity.
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Bhavesh Naik
Host: The Business Philosopher Within You Podcast