The Business Philosopher Within You
Understanding the Business Philosophy Behind Revolutionizing a Web Architecture
February 14, 2024
When I sat down for a remote podcast conversation with Christian (Chris) Bach from Netlify to learn about their successful business philosophy, I underestimated the depth and breadth of the topics we would cover. By the end of our conversation, we had explored a wide range of subjects, starting with the story of how Chris and his co-founder began Netlify and grew it into the successful company it is today. Along the way, they revolutionized web architecture in their own unique manner. Our discussion primarily focused on three main areas: 1) The journey of Netlify and how they developed a platform specifically tailored for web developers. 2) The role Netlify played in driving a revolution in web architecture. 3) Words of wisdom from Chris for both startups and already successful businesses looking to scale beyond their current capacities.
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Bhavesh Naik
Host: The Business Philosopher Within You Podcast