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How to Build a Scalable Business by Leveraging Intellectual Property Rights
April 10, 2024
Have you ever wondered how to legally protect the systems, processes and unique business philosophy that make your company special? Many entrepreneurs, founders, business owners and leaders overlook intellectual property when it comes to their operations manual, values, and core way of doing business - leaving their company vulnerable if they want to scale up or cash out down the road. In this episode of The Business Philosopher Within You, host Bhavesh Naik interviews intellectual property expert Christopher Bennett about the key steps to safeguarding your secret sauce as an entrepreneur. They discuss: - The intricate relationship between intellectual property and building scalable businesses. - The impact of underrepresented communities, the various forms of intellectual property protection, and the indispensable role of human perspective in innovation. - The four "A's" of making your IP accessible and affordable - Layering trademarks, patents, copyrights and trade secrets - Baking IP protection into your company culture from day one - Valuing employee ingenuity as the ultimate innovation engine - And much more Tune in to learn how to legally protect your business philosophy and leverage it for long-term growth.
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Bhavesh Naik
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