The Business Philosopher Within You
The Business Philosopher Within You Podcast Trailer
December 13, 2023
Are you running a business, managing a team, or leading an organization that heavily relies on your daily involvement? Join me in this trailer episode of 'The Business Philosopher Within You' podcast where I introduce a distinctive approach to constructing a resilient organization independent of its founders and leaders. I also present a platform designed to help you nurture your own source of business wisdom.

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Key Takeaways of The Business Philosopher Within You Podcast Episode with Timestamps:

0:00-0:25: The episode begins by asking listeners if their business or organization would fall apart without their daily involvement. If so, it highlights the need to build a resilient organization and introduces the idea of a "business philosopher" within each of us.

0:26-0:41: A business philosopher is described as someone who does independent thinking, considers the human condition, and builds human organizations that offer practical solutions to human problems.

0:42-1:04: The podcast's three main objectives are outlined:

  1. Explore perspectives and ideas for building resilient organizations. This includes offering tools and strategies, hosting conversations with successful leaders and experts, and encouraging listeners to share their own ideas. (0:45-1:00)
  2. Provide a platform for exchanging ideas and forming opinions. This involves open discussions, debates, and opportunities to gain and offer insights on building successful businesses. (1:00-1:05)
  3. Build a community of like-minded business leaders and professionals. This fosters ongoing relationships and provides opportunities for engagement and support. (1:05-1:10)

The podcast targets "brainy bosses" who lead organizations employing creative talent and expertise that cannot be replicated by technology.

1:49-2:00: The host acknowledges that this podcast may not be for everyone and encourages listeners to stick around if it resonates with them.

2:01-2:22: A call to action is presented, encouraging listeners to:

The episode concludes with a thank you to listeners and an invitation to connect further through the provided link.